Address Misinformation from Travel Consultants

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Address Misinformation from Travel Consultants

Postby ozloadie » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:28 am

Inet site below has travel consultant stating that opening aircraft doors in flight is not dangerous!

I recall an old instructor who had a stamp made for idiot's log books that read, " This individual has no sense of self preservation!"

CRM monitoring is critical over all of the periphial activities associated with aviation to cut the rot out as soon as it raises its head.
There is a requirement to educate these staffs adequately even with general technical issues.
Internal system controls have limited availabilty and assigned authority ie door/hatch/window manipulation in specific circumstances ie emergency egress and are supposed to be supervised closely by crew.

The public will assume that anyone in a uniform or office dispensing information will be an informed source, especially if it sounds "exciting".
I don't find the prospect of a door impacting the tail at any speed a source of desired stimulation.

I sent an informative email to the company AOL Travel and received a polite structured reply stating that they were always interested in providing a better service to their clients.
Hopefully they wont have any external aircraft doors hanging up in the board or tea room.
What does it take! ... ar-AAsY9fu

Make the effort to correct wrong information with any person associated with avaition, teaching them initially rather than being punitive.
These type of incidents are insidious.

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