Watch out for your mates - CRM

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Watch out for your mates - CRM

Postby ozloadie » Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:14 pm

Whenever you pass another aircraft at any time, look it over as if you're doing a visual check yourself, you may spot something missed by the crew or something that has been altered by a passenger or someone else unbeknown to the crew.
Cowling fasteners not clipped shut completely,
Seat belts left outside a door,
A tie down strap hanging out,
A wander or long lead for the headsets not secured inside,
Fuel caps not flush with the skin surface,
Pitot covers still on,
Control locks still in place,
External role equiupment not fastened securely,
Aerial wires not secured at both ends,
Smoke or vapour dispensing when it should not be,
Masking taped still affixed from a repair or service,
Baggage locker not flush.

If you can't advise them immediately, pass the information to the tower.

All of these have been events in the past and can easily be repeated.
Eyeball the heavies as well, every check is never a waste of time.

The operators who do continuous turnarounds are tempted to reduce their surveillance to less than they should thinking nothing could happen, and that's when they miss the precursor to avoid an incident /accident.

Operators on unsealed strips, ensure you do a full control deflection of control column and rudder when you line up after taxying on rough gtround or gravel - a loose rock can always be thrown up and jam your control surfaces without you knowing, only takes a couple of seconds, do it during your clearing scan prior to taking off.

Insist on total ban of E cigarettes in luggage, and be aware if on the passenger, they can light or explode without being operated by the owner.

Security considerations - a new mobile phone gun has been discovered, a mobile phone taser also.
Awareness is the first key to solving a problem and the world is changing every day.

Stay safe - Steve

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