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Twin Emergency Landing at Oberon

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Twin Emergency Landing at Oberon

Postby ozloadie » Sun Aug 31, 2014 11:38 am

Well done James!
Great result on the emergency landing of a Dutchess in grassed paddocks near Oberon.
Two POB OK, and it appears from the limited pics and comments that the pilot and the machine will continue operating (on the application of panel, paint and a LAME's deft inquisition).

There is a growing incidence of security circumstances directly affecting aircrew at all levels of operation.
While to some the conscious inclusion of crew security may seem incredulous or over the top, these incidences as depicted in this episode demonstrate a broader awareness and practices needed to be considered to enable the aircraft captain to fly the aircraft safely and unimpeded.

There is a considerable void between what you think you can do to what you may have to do to achieve the end.

I hope the young pilot gets to publish the details of his considerations and actions. It will benefit all.

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