Overflying Conflict Zones

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Overflying Conflict Zones

Postby ozloadie » Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:16 am

Any consideration to overfly a conflict zone should include an assessment of the threat primarily, then consideration of aviation legislaton and policies in vogue at the time.
Missiles travel in excess of 30 miles a minute (mach 3) up to and over 40,000ft, so detection (visual, if at all) and reaction times are limited to seconds, and where are you going to go?
The acquiring and tracking systems are often "fire and forget" with the initial process done by the launch facility until the missile acquires the target itself.
Not all missiles are heat seekers, and some are proximity fused to detonate in close proximity to the target relying on shrapnel and blast to damage the target, it's not actually required to impact the target.

If you are looking for a fast reference to consider the specs of any ordnance threat ie range, speed, capability type in the name of the missile (even a nickname or NATO code name) with "wik" after it and the wikopeadia site will provide all of the specs and history of the weapon requested. It may be wiser instead of persisting with the initial planned approach, to "go round"!

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